If you or someone you know is looking for home builders in northwest Indiana then Havyn homes it’s the best option for you! With our diverse company for the many varieties of homes, we have to offer we can meet every client’s wants and needs because we have an amzing portfolio that you can go to our website and look at! We are rated the number one company in our industry because of the exceptional customer service we have offered our current clients and will continue to offer our future clients. Access our portfolio so you could see the many different styles of homes that we have to offer you you can go to our website and click on homes in plans.

When you’re looking at the different companies for home builders in northwest Indiana, the Havyn Homes portfolio is the most diverse and most accommodating that is in the Indiana area! We have 1 story floor plan, 1 1/2 story floor plan, 2 story plan, and a three-story floor plan. For the 1 1/2 story floor plans, we have the Laurie model and the Lily model. The Lorraine Home model is a unique model that offers an opportunity to choose between a one-and-a-half story and a 2 Story floor plan. This model will showcase the first-floor owner’s suite and offers a four bedroom, with two-and-a-half bathrooms, and 3 car garage.

When you start your process would sup line homes, and the home builders in northwest Indiana. Our Willie model home plan is the perfect combination of modern luxury and rustic design. All of this is gathered into a spacious 2900-square-foot living space. This plan offers a one-and-a-half-story home featuring a four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom, and 3-car sideload garage. This amazing floor plan and first-floor owner’s Suites allow a single-level living with the half-story upstairs for entertainment purposes whenever you have friends and family over. Where are excited to give you a modern Farmhouse exterior with a huge welcoming front porch and a large covered outdoor space that extends into the spacious living room!

With both of these home plans and mind, the 1 1/2 story floor plans are extremely accommodating for different families’ needs. Both of these four plans include a modern rustic design that is unique with the sublime columns company! We are excited to offer these two because they are extremely spacious that can be customized to your needs and your family’s needs. To find these plans online if you go to our homes and plans options at the top of our page oh, these to 4 plants will be listed under that column. We encourage you to go look at the plans and if it’s something that you’re not necessarily sure that you want you could always look at our many other floor plans available!

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions that you could possibly have, if you would like to call us and reach out our phone number is (219) 306-4500, or if you would like to visit our website to reach out to us or for any other questions and additional details about our services you can go to https://havynhomes.com/. We are very excited to service your family’s needs and build the dream home for you!

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What do you start searching for home builders in northwest Indiana then Havyn homes company is the best Home Building Company in the Indiana area! Additionally 2 building Custom Homes we also offer move-in-ready homes that you can find on our website. This makes your home buying process so much more simple and you’re still getting a great quality home without having the hassle of going through the building preparations and process.

If you’re looking at different home builders in northwest Indiana then you should check out the Havyn Homes website. If you’re looking for a move-in-ready home then we are excited to offer you two different styles that we have. We offer the same product at a faster pace for all of her clients whenever you buy a move-in-ready home. Our move-in-ready home will offer the same options and maintain the same level of quality and care while providing handcrafted features and high-end finishes. You will also get a one-year warranty whenever you purchase a move-in ready home with Havyn.

In addition, if you decide to purchase a move-in-ready home no time, is wasted when you choose to go that route. You don’t have to worry about compromising your schedule or spending too much time away from your family trying to figure out the details of a new home design. The buying process for this type of home is actually quick and simple. You will receive high-quality and amazing fixtures that are going to accommodate your wants in your future home. Whenever families do this easy-to-purchase option, Is going to reduce a tremendous amount of time instead of going through the building process. We have the highest quality standards it’s going to match any aesthetic of the client that we’re working for. We Are excited to bring your Home Builders In Northwest Indiana dreams to life!

Another great feature about this is that you know exactly what you’re getting before you sign the purchase agreement so you get to visualize your dream home and create a new home life an amazing help that you get to pick! We will allow you to walk through our move-in-ready home so you can see and touch all the designs are details for yourself! All of our homes offer Havyn quality handcrafted and amazing details hand selected by our design team and are mostly left features by all of our clients! The great thing about purchasing a move-in ready home is all the stress and overwhelming time are already taken care of for you so you’ll be ready to take over and move it.

If you’re interested all ready to start your dream home process today you can always visit our website at https://havynhomes.com/ or you can reach out to us over the phone at (219) 306-4500. We always look forward to hearing from potential new clients and getting you excited and ready to make the big leap end to an exciting new future!