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We understand the importance of making the best decisions whether building a home, purchasing a home, or buying a lot to build on. That is why our team is consistent in guiding our homebuyers the best way. Let our experience, expertise, and commitment to building excellent homes every time bring you peace of mind. We have forged strong relationships with top subcontractors and trades people. There will be questions about where to build, what lot to build on, or what home plan to choose before we even begin building and during the construction process. We are here to provide you with information and answers to ensure your home, lot, or both are your very own tranquil haven.

Contact Havyn Homes about building your home and for more information about the amazing communities we build in!


Meet with Our Builder

Some of the people we meet with need to see it to believe it. They are visual people, and a website and paper just does not cut it. They need to walk a lot with someone that can show them the proper information about the land and home placement on it. Most of our homeowners not only enjoy touring the homes that we have built, but the hands-on experience allows them to see the features and know what to expect with their Havyn home before we build it.

We understand, and we are here to help you in the best way possible.

Not only do we provide detailed home plans, elevations, and renderings for your benefit, but you may also meet with Mike, our builder. For customers that are ready to build a new home or buy a lot with Havyn Homes, Mike can provide the guidance, direction, and information needed for those important in-person decisions to be made. These scheduled appointments may be exactly what you are looking for to deliver the best outcome for you.

Contact Havyn Homes about taking that next step to meet with our builder.


Join the Havyn Homes Team

Interested in joining our team? How about an internship? Not only do we enjoy our work, but we think you would too!

Here at Havyn Homes we are professional with a casual atmosphere that regularly shares fresh ideas keeping all of us on our toes, especially when we have team meetings with our owner. We focus on our projects while connecting with each other in helpful ways every day. We are in-office and in-the-field workers. Truly orchestrating every step of the building process. We like to celebrate our successes and try to encourage each other when we need that helpful hand up. Even when we need regular encouragement. We are constantly learning and growing. We expect nothing less than the best no matter the scale of each build because we aim to give our best every time. We love our homes and are grateful for the people we meet and relationships we build along the way. We make mistakes and correct them every time. There are days when we start early and work late to get the job done right. We do not give up.

If you share this with us and you would like to know more about positions at Havyn Homes, please call us with questions or email your resume with a cover letter to


Become a Havyn Homes Trades Partner

We understand how much effort, work, and how many necessary people it takes to build an excellent home. That is why we greatly value our trades partners. We work with and build relationships with only those that give their best every time no matter what. We are transparent about constantly learning and improving so that we can build smarter and better for our homeowners. We continually choose to work with the best so that we can build the best homes.

If this aligns with your business, then we would like to talk with you to discover how we may work together.

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Questions + Suggestions?

Let’s face it, we may not always have the right lot, correct house plan, exact finish that you are looking for. There may be land that you would love to build on but just cannot seem to locate it. Maybe you are wanting to build a home plan that is just a little more unique or different in size and style than what we offer. Our selection of finishes, fixtures, and equipment may be missing that specific one that you would love in your home.

We would like to hear from you!

Contact our Havyn Homes team with any questions and suggestions. That is one of the best ways that we can build even better homes for our homeowners and communities.

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Testimonials + Reviews

Here at Havyn Homes we consider it an honor to build for our homeowners. We are proud of our homes and grateful for those we build for and those we work with. Without them, we wouldn’t be Havyn Homes.

Whether you are living in your very own Havyn home, have partnered with us to help build one, or are a fan of our homes (just like we are), then we would love to know your story through a testimonial!

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We love spreading the word about our amazing team and trades people that we work with. One of the best ways to share Havyn Homes with others is through a Google review! These encourage us, make us smile, help us continually learn, and remind us to build the best every time for our homeowners.

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