Discover why Havyn Homes is Northwest Indiana’s highest rated home builder!

Building excellent homes in quality and character of any size and style is our passion. Beginning the home building relationship with our homeowners is exciting and seeing every step of the construction process work well, one after another, makes us grateful for the trades people we partner with. Completing a home and being told by our homeowners that they “love their new home” is why we do it again and again.
Here at Havyn Homes, we consider it an honor to build for our homeowners. We are proud of our homes, whether sublime or minimal in scale and detail, and we are grateful for those we build for and those we work with. Without them, we wouldn’t be Havyn Homes. Growing great communities humbly and passionately throughout Northwest Indiana is what we strive for every time.


Hear from our Homeowners

Hearing it from the source is one of the best ways to learn more. We consider our sources many of those that know Havyn Homes best. Our homeowners, trades people, and realtors we work with have been with us from the beginning, supporting us along the way. They not only see so much of what we do, but they are involved in the construction process from laying out the foundation to completion. These are some of the best people to share Havyn with others! Rather than only taking our word for it, check out their testimonials!


What our homeowners are saying about Havyn Homes!

“I would highly recommend them. Everyone has been super helpful from the time we went and looked at an existing home to finding a property to now designing a home. I think everything has been really, really, smooth and everyone’s been really, really helpful. I would definitely recommend Havyn.”

-Zack + Natalie


“The best part of my experience is it felt like home when we came in. Friendly people. They have an in-house architect who is very good. Michael and the girls are very friendly to work with. Having everything right here…it’s nice to see everything all together in one spot. The quality is very good. I think they listen to what you say. They’re just very helpful and very professional. Havyn, right now one of the top builders in the area. I have had a wonderful experience especially this time.”



Hear from our Havyn Homes Team

A team truly is the foundation (building pun intended) to a business. A great team creates a strong and excellently built foundation for a business to build upon and grow. That is what we have at Havyn Homes.

From our owner and each team member here, we are individuals committed to ‘building the best homes to life’ for every homeowner. We believe in our mission and have created each value to capture what we believe and continually work at being and doing every day.

We get to work with the top builder in Northwest Indiana! That is the hook that caught us, the amazing integrity of our team members keep us going, and helping our homeowners accomplish living in their dream home is why we continue doing what we do.


What our team is saying about Havyn Homes!

“I would say my favorite part about working at Havyn is getting to work one on one with our awesome clients. It’s great to meet so many awesome people and really just to be able to be creative every day. We’re problem solving in our selection meetings and working together to really bring the client’s dream to life. When thinking about what sets Havyn apart from other builders, the word ‘thoughtfulness’ comes to mind. We spend so much time putting together thoughtful plans and options and just details in our designs that we really think client’s will be able to see in our design and craftsmanship when walking through our homes. Sometimes it seems like a daunting task, but we really pride ourselves in making it fun and making our client’s feel at ease while we go through this really exciting process.”



“Sharing great things about our homes, team, and builder with everyone feels natural. I enjoy talking about who we are and what we do with others. By the way, I am Mike the Builder’s wife and I help create and manage our social media content. Being able to see how our team began before Havyn Homes started has been great to witness. Knowing what we are capable of and where we are going is exciting! I am so grateful for what each member offers our clients and how we work with each other. We have an owner, builder, and leader that sets the tone for us in the greatest way possible. Not every wife who works with their spouse can honestly say that. What we have learned is shown in how we work and build. Our attention to detail is one of the best things that our homeowners see, but our team’s character with everyone is what keeps people building with Havyn.”

-Michelle/Wife of Mike the Builder and Havyn Homes Marketing and Sales Coordinator


“Every home is built with the same quality and care as if I were building for my own family. Building homes is what I know best, it is all I have done. I have learned from many different people since I started, and the knowledge and experiences have taught me to build even better, wiser, and more efficiently. I know we have the best team of people with genuine integrity. They are the right people to do this every time for our homeowners. Our team understands the uncomfortable feeling of change to grow. Without growing as individuals and as a team, we wouldn’t be who we are today. They are the best because they never give up giving their best.”

-Mike the Builder/Havyn Homes Owner and Founder

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