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Address: 2806 Old Oak Dr, Valparaiso, IN
Sq. Ft: 3,393 Square Feet
Beds: 4
Baths: 2.5
Office: 1
Garage: 3
Stories: 2
Community: The Brooks at Vale Park – The Silver Oaks

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Ideal location? Check. Incredibly built home? Check. Beautifully designed? Check. Easy to close? Check.
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The best part of a move-in ready home with Havyn Homes…

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Growing great communities humbly and passionately is what you can expect from Havyn Homes. Just like our mission statement shares, our Move-in Ready Homes are built throughout Northwest Indiana and in the best communities. We continually research the markets in every area that we build to ensure each unique Havyn home fulfills the necessary needs and most of the wishful wants of a variety of homebuyers. One town may desire more single-story homes while another city would love to have more two-stories in many neighborhoods. Having the right plans with multiple exterior and interior options to choose from allows our team to build the best home for homebuyers in all communities.

Whether you are relocating from out of state or in need of a home sooner rather than later, one of our Move-in Ready Homes may be the solution. It is already fully built, following all codes, local ordinances, and passing every inspection. You can physically see and touch exactly what you are buying before you purchase. Every single detail from the ground up is thoughtfully created and selected by our team and built to life by our trades partners. No need to take the time to make all the home building decisions, but rather you can enjoy peace of mind since they were completed for you. The closing process and home walk through will be guided by our Havyn team ensuring a timely and smooth purchase every time. You can be confident that your new home’s warranty will be of the same standard as the one provided, just as if you had built a Havyn Home.

If a home is needed sooner than the time it takes to build, then a finished lot and completed home from exterior to interior is exactly what you need. Every one of our move-in ready homes is carefully planned and designed by our in-house architect while our very own selections coordinator hand picks all the sublime finishes and fixtures throughout. With both the home’s plans and finishes, fixtures, and appliances in place by our team, no extra time is spent on decisions for the home. All of this helps lead to an even smoother closing and move-in process for you.

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Available Homes

Even before our Move-in Ready Homes are completed, they are available to buy, no matter what stage of the construction process they are at. While being built, you can see the process step by step and discover what the home’s exterior elevation and interior floor plan will be before it is finished. With a well-developed lot and a strongly built home already in the works, the decision time is reduced incredibly or completely. When choosing to purchase an under-construction home, our Havyn team will inform and guide you with what stage of the build the home is in, when it will be completed, and what options and selections you can expect to see in the home. We will have you meet our team at our showroom where you will be able to see the exterior materials like brick, siding, and shingles and interior selections such as cabinetry, hardware, counter tops, flooring and many other finishes and fixtures that will be filling the home. Since the planning and designing has already been done for you by our Havyn team, you may simply enjoy watching the remaining build without having to make any decisions.

Interested in adding your preferences to the home’s design? Specific selections may be chosen or changed depending on the stage of the construction process and continuing with the build’s timeframe. At our Havyn showroom, our design team will share with you what is planned for the home and show you those options. There you will be informed of any options that you may select, such as: shingle color, siding color, flooring, counter tops, backsplash, hardware, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and many add-ons. Your personal selections will then be included with the design of the home.

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Even our Move-in Ready Homes need time to become, well, move-in ready homes for you. Every home takes a specific amount of time to plan and build, no matter the size it is, location, or number of details within the design. Our design team invests the same thoughtfulness into our Move-in Ready Homes as they do our pre-sold ones.

While our Move-in Ready Homes are being built, we receive questions from future homeowners such as, how will the home look? How much square footage will there be? How much will the home cost? When will it finally be completed? If these questions sound familiar to you, then join our Havyn Homes’ List!

By joining our Havyn Homes’ List, you will be able to speak with someone about our under-construction homes and receive updates on them when they are closer to completion. Let our team show you what these homes will look like from exterior to interior before they are completed. You can learn about what will be included in the home with all the finishes, fixtures, and equipment previously chosen by our design team. Our Havyn Homes sales team is ready to share with you the information you need about our Move-in Ready Homes.

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