Bypass the homebuilding process that most Home Builders in Northwest Indiana go through and choose a sublime move-in ready home! From finding the right location and community from your dream home, to select the perfect tile in your ensuite, building a new home can seem overwhelming. Even with experts by your side. The move-in ready home, you’ll receive all the benefits associated with building a sublime home, without having to make any tough decisions. Our move-in ready homes offer the same product at a faster pace for our clients. Our move-in ready options maintain the same level sublime quality and care, handcrafted features and ion finishes, and the opportunity to be part of a great community. Plus, you will still have the one year limited warranty.

The biggest plus side Home Builders in Northwest Indiana sees with move-in ready homes is that they know exactly what they’re getting. With the move-in ready home, you know exactly what you’re getting before you sign a purchase agreement. Visualizing bringing a dream come to life can prove to be challenging at times, but this is not something that will be experience with move-in ready homes. Our homes feature sublime quality, handcrafted, and intricate details hand selected by our design team and loved by many clients. Plus, with our move-in ready homes, you can walk through them in real life. This means that you can touch and see all the design and details for yourself!

Our Home Builders in Northwest Indiana also loves the high-end designer finishes. Enjoy all the immaculate touches of a sublime home has to offer, without the potential of feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions that need to be made and the long way to seeing your choices come to life. Every detail of live and ready homes is handpicked by our in-house design team and built with the same integrity and care as every other sublime home. The only difference? It is waiting for the perfect homeowner. Our move-in homes maintain the same level of quality workmanship and high-end features as all of our other homes. Your only assignment with a move-in ready option is to bring memories to life in your new home!

Plus, it’s ready in no time. No time is wasted when you choose a move-in ready home. The buying process of the move-in ready home is quick and simple and allows you to choose a high-quality, spacious home that best serves you and your family. If you’re looking to relocate to Northwest Indiana and one smooth transition to your new life, a move-in ready may be perfect for you. There is no worry of compromising your schedule or spending any time and choosing each and every detail of your home. We’ve done the hard-working already created the perfect home for you. All you have to do is move it.

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What Do These Home Builders In Northwest Indiana Have To Work With?


We make it simple for Home Builders in Northwest Indiana. We have a full portfolio of multiple floorplans that can suit any and everybody’s needs. Plus, they are fully customizable to our clients needs. We are here to make your custom dream home into reality. Our portfolio of homes is made up of proven and refined designs that have been built several times. This allows us to adjust and improve the final product was very efficient and cost-effective uses of materials. These portfolio homes allow us to be flexible and creative with current market and trends, while producing a sublime quality product over and over again.

Let’s get into one of the most popular floorplans that Home Builders in Northwest Indiana are searching for. Let’s talk about our Madison model ranch plan. The Madison model is our most popular ranch plan and provides a three car garage, with 2575 ft.² of total living space. This also includes three bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. The Madison model delivers widespread views from the foyer into the dining room, great room, and kitchen providing ample viewing of the vaulted great room ceiling. It’s understandable why this is one of the most sought after plans on the market.

Up next on our tour of ranch plans that Home Builders in Northwest Indiana are on the market for, the Robert model. The Robert model embraces single level living throughout a sprawling 2800 ft.² floor plan. This generous single-story layout provides three bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, and a three car garage. Not only is a functional and spacious, it is also comfortable. All of this in one home. We are always continuously expanding our portfolios of the home to assure that there is a style that interest all of our clients. But let’s talk about our final ranch plan next.

Now let’s get to the final, but certainly not least model, the daisy model. This 2402 ft.² rent floorplan is our modern version of the traditional ranch home. Complete with a soaring 14 foot ceilings! This three bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, model spotlights a three car garage as well. It also comes with a front and back porch ideal for outdoor entertaining and overall open concept design that is perfect for family at any stage of its life. So whether you are about to start a family, have two kids, or anything else, this model is the perfect modern way to achieve a traditional dream.

Whether you choose a ranch plan or two-story, or homes feature exterior styles ranging from craftsman to Prairie, story cottage to English tutor, French country, midcentury modern, modern farmhouse, and traditional. No matter what your style, we have you covered. Join us and let us build you the perfect custom home. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We are always more than happy to help. You can go online to our website to find all of her information and so much more. We can give us a call today at 219-306-4500 so we can get you started on this dream journey.