We are super excited and ecstatic to let you know a little bit about us here at Havyn Homes. we are a Custom Homes Northwest Indiana company that researches the land, walking it and comparing it with others, long before it is purchased for development. afterwards the same Builder places such as strong mindfulness on everything behind the walls and below the ground to the beautiful finishes and fixtures to make sure that the home is superior and completion. we are also a team of key people that can help every homeowner from start to finish finish their homes.

Would like to share with you some of our core values that we believe help us be the best custom home start to West Indiana has to offer. we extremely stressed having passion for our homes and also growth to develop our talents to hard work good strategies and input from others. we also feel that having a community within our Workforce helps us be able to be the ultimate leader in being the best Custom Homes Northwest Indiana has to offer. also we feel that humility is an important factor and being one of the best home providers available.

she is a company take our mission and core values very seriously. our team created these core values. we guarantee our customers that we are genuine and professional from the initial meeting to our final walk of every completed at home. we are confident 100% in building excellent homes by continually to increase our knowledge and fine tune our skills. we also value our relationships with our contractors And Trades people in order to be the best Custom Homes Northwest Indiana has to offer. we invite you to give us a call so that one of our staff members can help you today.

we also strive to hold ourselves accountable in every way by having a solid foundation with our team members. we know that is important to have a solid foundation for building. you can expect from us that we will be growing communities humbly and passionately. so if you have any questions on anything that you might have on our homes be sure to give us a call or visit our website so we can answer any of the questions that you might need in one of our homes today.

we hope that you have seen what mission we are on as a company we can see that we strive to provide you the best quality homes most affordable prices for you. we are the best in the industry and guarantee satisfaction to all of our homeowners. just try to have the best Quality Homes and are sure that you want you just along our competitors. so please visit us today on our website at havynhomes.com or you can simply just give us a call at 219-306-4500 what we have staff members ready willing and able to help you in any of the questions that you might have.

Custom Homes Northwest Indiana| Where We Build

We are excited to let you know where we here at Haven Homes build our Custom Homes Northwest indiana. the primary developments where we build are in a desirable and fast growing St John indiana. you can also find our homes in communities that are close by such as crown point, Cedar lake, winfield, munster, Valparaiso and even Southwest Michigan if you are interested in buying a beautiful home give us a call today or visit our website where we can connect you with one of our specialists to be able to answer any of your questions you might have got with all that is done now.

one of the small companies that we build is Sublime estates. our luxurious homes are a favorite for a reason. here in Sublime Estates it is surrounded by small forests but beautifully age trees and R6 estate size Lots tucked away just enough to create a little bit of tranquility. in town you will not be able to discover more spacious lots. so if you would like to know more about our homes to give us a call today or visit our website where we can connect you with one of our knowledgeable staff members to see how you can obtain Custom Homes Northwest indiana.

another location where we provide the best Custom Homes Northwest Indiana has to offer is Rose garden. the Rose Garden community is one of the best kept secrets in St John’s. it is near more established homes but it is still on its own a little intimate. every law is bordered by Serene tall grass and beautifully matured trees. it is located off of Parrish Avenue and within the Lake Central School Corporation district. so give us a call today and let us show you your future home today.

also we have the Mayors at Walden clearing which is a perfect example of Northwest Custom Homes We developed these homes near farmland and prairies. they are 26 lots that welcome complete comfort with a little bit of taste of rural living. this community is off of 93rd Avenue on the Eastern edge of St john. not only is it near dining and entertainment downtown of Crown Point but it also holds its own walking path. so if you are interested in obtaining one of these homes please give us a call date so we can help you.

You have plenty of other locations as well with small beautiful communities where you can obtain at home that will best for you and your family needs. we are sure that we can provide you with the best homes that are available to you. and we also assure you that the communities that we have you will be sure to choose one that best fits your family’s needs. they are all beautiful and unique in their own way and we invite you to visit our website at havynhomes.com or you can simply just give us a call at 219-306-4500.